Emari Crenshaw

Emari Crenshaw

University of Georgia graduate 2020
Business Development Representative

It was my junior year in college when I connected with Chelsea. When we began our coaching relationship, I didn’t know what to expect. Chelsea was this nice lady who seemed interested in my future personal/professional career goals, so I appreciated that. I didn’t expect what came after.

Chelsea’s approach to coaching was what brought us so close. She asked me questions to determine what drove me, and more importantly, she honed in on the things that kept me from reaching my current goals. Chelsea opened my eyes to see how I functioned by fear and not by will. After that realization surfaced, I was determined to change.

Honestly, one of the most fundamental qualities that Chelsea instilled in me was to be confident in my abilities and Self-Aware. She always told me to believe in myself, and she wholeheartedly led by example. To watch a woman so strong be so successful in her career was inspirational.

Now that I am in my current position, I look back and think about what it took to get here. There were so many obstacles. I was fresh out of college in the middle of a pandemic, but I was still wide-eyed and ready for the world. I believed in myself, and Chelsea believed in me, so I knew I could concur with anything. Chelsea is not just a coach; she is a woman of faith-full of love and wisdom. I thank her for continually being a part of my life when I need her the most, and the bond we created is unbreakable.