About Us

Chelsea Spencer Smith, MBA, CPC Founder of St. James Xavier Group
Chelsea Spencer Smith, MBA, CPC
Founder of St. James Xavier Group

St. James Xavier Group is a business development consulting firm founded in Atlanta, Georgia with experience spanning 20 years. Our firm is a trusted community for individuals, small and large business organizations, and novice or experienced entrepreneurs seeking solutions. St. James Xavier Group has a penchant for assisting clients in undertaking new ideas, exploring, and developing strategic plans, and launching initiatives. Specifically, we are a consultative firm specializing in robust individualized business development, young professional coaching, leadership, and executive coaching. Our services are grounded in innovative research-based strategies that yield a competitive business talent advantage.

Our consulting firm has made a strong commitment to professional development, providing an extensive step-by-step program to improve businesses, sales, and marketing operations. Because we are a consultative firm that believes in standing on the cutting edge of strong business principles and marketing strategies while continually preparing and developing our clients, incredible options have been created and sustained for individuals across a variety of businesses and organizations.

At St. James Xavier Group, we pride ourselves on understanding the unique and complex business/marketing, leadership, and executive coaching challenges, which is why we offer comprehensive plans tailored to our clients’ needs. Because our founder has two decades of experience in successfully gaining new clients and sales; the firm’s foundation is built upon relevant, results-driven implementation of solutions that result in a high return on investment.

St. James Xavier Group focuses on people first. We utilize sound methodologies that are aligned to our clients’ purpose while collaboratively embedding forward-thinking. Our business development consulting firm applies deep industry knowledge to create endless opportunities and practical solutions for all clients.