Executive Coaching

St. James Xavier Group expands companies through executive coaching. Our executive coaching program is an effective tool for improving individuals within your organization. We strategically employ practices that will empower leaders and executives through support and accountability while building a community within an organization. In our executive coaching program, we use a method called “The Notre Method” which helps individuals see themselves better. In addition, we encourage both leaders and aspiring leaders to identify controllable aspects of their life to maintain relationships that will yield richer and healthier outcomes that are beneficial to an organization. St. James Xavier Group will work with clients to develop leadership skills, find efficient ways to resolve issues, set achievable goals, and address a variety of situations while receiving real-time modeling and feedback.

Young Professional Coaching

Young professional coaching support clients in developing self-awareness. Self-awareness is the foundation of conscious knowledge of one’s character, feelings, motives, and desires. Through self-awareness, the client will learn to break old patterns of thinking and behaving. Once achieved, they can show up differently. Showing up differently will help them gain more awareness which leads to achieving goals and visions.

Given that self-awareness is the foundation that opens up new opportunities for success, developing self-awareness is as relevant to the young professional as it is to the seasoned executive.  In our young professional coaching program, we use a method called “The Notre Method” which helps individuals see themselves better.  

The Young professional that’s a new graduate from college, individual contributor, high potential, and or young leader generally have less experience and less self-awareness than the seasoned professional. Most young professionals have not had an opportunity to be coached – someone who could learn what behaviors are getting in their way and how to apply their social and relationship skills fully into a professional context.

Therefore, a young professional coach will be an excellent resource for your young professional to support them to grow in self-awareness.

The St. James Xavier Group is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and upholds the highest standards of coach training. As a market leader, we continually learn, grow, and innovate to remain on the cutting edge of executive development. The highest level of integrity is our commitment, and we are committed to making a difference in every organization and every individual we touch.

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Executive Development

St. James Xavier Group is a recognized leader in the executive and coaching industry. As business coaches, we specialize in self-awareness and business development. With exemplary credentials, years of experience in business coaching, and a passion for making a difference, our executive coaching partners are the best in the business.

Executive coaching helps executives and young leaders flourish. At SJX, our approach to executive coaching is tailored to deliver top results by leveraging Notre Method elements.

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